House rules


To guarantee the health and safety of our members and employees, ZUMMITT has drawn up a number of house rules.

  1. It is mandatory to scan your membership tag to access the gym. No access is granted without a membership tag;
  2. Children between the ages of 10 and 15 may only train under the supervision of an adult or the ZUMMITT Personal Trainer
  3. It is strictly forbidden for Personal Trainers to give their own personal training lessons within ZUMMITT.
  4. It is mandatory to use a towel while exercising at ZUMMITT.
  5. It is mandatory to wear indoor shoes in the training room. Shoes on which you have walked outside and shoes whose soles rub off are not allowed;
  6. It is mandatory to wear correct and clean clothing;
  7. It is not allowed to consume food in the training room;
  8. It is not allowed to bring coats and bags into the training room. We recommend that you store clothing and/or valuables in a locker during the training;
  9. Put weights and attributes back in their place after use;
  10. After use, dry the device or the place where you leave perspiration for the people who come after you;
  11. ZUMMITT is not responsible for loss of personal property or belongings;
  12. The instructions of the staff must be strictly followed;
  13. Smoking and the use and/or distribution of prohibited substances is strictly prohibited;
  14. Pets are not allowed;
  15. Use equipment only for its intended purpose;
  16. It is not allowed to occupy devices unnecessarily;
  17. Verbal and/or physical violence will not be tolerated.